Cole DeMarco

About Me

Hi, I'm Cole

I am a professional photographer born and raised in Alberta, residing a short distance from some of the most epic mountain ranges in the world, and I strive to create unique high-quality imagery that represent epic scenes with authenticity and invoke a sense of wonder


The two main reasons I pick up a camera are 1) to capture the moments in life that leave me in a sense of awe, and to capture beauty around me so I will forever have those memories, and 2) to create epic visuals that immerse people in the moments I experience, and inspire them to go adventure and capture meaningful memories for themselves


Showing leadership in the outdoors community has helped me build many close relationships. I organize frequent events that have helped people get confident getting outside their comfort zone, meet like-minded people, and experience the beauty of the Canadian Rockies


My work has been featured by Sony, BBC Earth, Parks Canada, and many other brands, tourism boards, hotels, magazines, and other companies